Chest Strap for Hand Feed Drills

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The Chest Strap harness provides for hand free feeding of tennis balls to athletes when learning how to generate racket head speed & power, while still including the very important split step timing. The athlete can develop the split step movement relative to an unknown directional hand fed tennis ball. Once the split step timing is achieved, then a racket can be used to strike the ball and develop the very important racket speed and power.

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A sticky back piece of Velcro Hook can be secured to the back of a mobile device, so that it can attach to the Velcro Loop material found on the rectangular area of the harnes. Optimum viewing angle is assured with the provided Tilt Spacer on the bottom-back side of the rectangular area of the harness.

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In operation the coach will listen for the double beep which starts the downward vertical Red Lights and about ½ way thru the toss another beep will occur to allow the coach to better time their throw, which should leave the hand on the 3rd beep. The athlete, at the same time, will be concentrating on the vertical downward sequence of the RED Lights and when they reach the bottom (where all Lights are ON) the athlete leaps into the air to initiate the split step.

To practice the hand/ball timing, stand in front of a mirror with a ball in each hand. Position both of your hands to the front of your body. At the double beep, start your hands backwards until a single beep occurs, then reverse the direction of both hands and go forward and slightly outward at the same time. The 'chosen ball' is released at the final beep. You can also observe/compare your ball timing with the LEDs by viewing them in the mirror; these are the same LEDs the player will be using to time their hop. When starting you may want to do 'closed' drills (ie first left, then right, then left etc) and then proceed to Random; you can hold up to 3 or 4 balls in each hand, but that may take more practice. Once you have perfected the timing then start working with players while they are working on their split step. As the player gets better you can adjust your throw to move the player further from their starting position.  Note that the audio on your mobile phone needs only be loud enough that you can hear the beep, this is because the player is watching and timing their split step to the LEDs and not the beeps. The coach on the other hand is timing his hand/ball movements to the beeps and not the LEDs.

Hand Feed Ball Drills (patterns repeat continuously)

1. Medium times between 6 balls

2. Three Medium, then 3 Slow times between 6 balls

3. Two Medium, then 2 Slow, then 2 Fast times between 6 balls

4. Two Extra-Slow, then 2 Fast, then 2 Medium times between 6 balls

5. Alternating Fast, then Extra-Slow times between 6 balls

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Dimensions 4x4x4 in
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