Coach 1 (SSC1)

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SSC1 trains the athlete to maximize the starting acceleration with resulting speeds that allow quicker positioning, and thus better control of muscle groups involved in executing a stroke, a kick, a catch, a lunge & thrust, a throw or other complex movements (Size 3" x 7" x 15"). Click on the desired manual USERS Manual for Tennis, USERS Manual for Baseball,  to download details of all the features. Two new training guides provide for a quick 'up-to-speed' resourse for coaches: 1) Progressions for Learning the Split Step using SSC1 2) Progressions for Learning Patterns of Play using SSC1.

Basics of the SSC1 Product

? There are COMBINE (college testing drills) and Sport Specific Drills, each with selectable Anticipation LEDs
? There are 3 GROUPS of difficulty - BEG Level with 8 drills - INT Level with 8 drills - ADV with 8 drills
? The drills in each GROUP increase in difficulty so that beginners can be properly taken to the advanced levels
? The Sport Specific Drills can be CUSTOM ordered for particular sports

Training Advantages

? Trains & prepares the high school and college athletes for COMBINE testing
? Accelerates the training and movement skills of an athlete
? Enhances the training of sensory-motor pathways (in all sports)
? Promotes better court or field coverage
? Develops movements timed to the opponents shot, kick or throw, while building aerobic capacity
? Can be used with young kids during the formative years when sensory-motor pathways are being established
? Movement skills can be learned or practiced without possessing the skills required for hitting, kicking or throwing a real object
? Can be used on court, in your driveway, or any open area
? Precise measurements can be recorded on videotape for evaluating an athlete's progress
? Allows the athlete to train with the same drills at various speeds so that accuracy in execution can be assured before increasing difficulty

Coach 1 (SSC1)
Coach 1 (SSC1)

Progressive Skill Development Using the Split Step Coach Series of Products

BEG Level offers athletes, who have not trained with SSC devices, the following challenges:

1. A simple and fun experience of introducing athletes to sensory-motor training.
2. Ways to generate timing for general footwork movements used in particular sports (i.e. ground strokes, volleys, and overheads in tennis).
3. A training environment for combining movement with stroke development (i.e. melding of split step, movement, and stroke production).
4. Movements involved in learning to time and hit an imaginary ball, or puck.
5. Challenges that improve agility and balance for all students, while improving sports specific conditioning.
6. Tracking skills necessary in watching a ball, puck or object at far end of playing area while moving to intercept that object at the proper time and location.
7. An introduction to lateral movements required for specific sports (i.e. 3rd baseman in baseball covering a bunt, pop-up or drive down the line).
8. Sports specific movements use in conjunction with stroke development, (i.e. coach can focus on stroke development while player is doing footwork).
9. And a good warm-up for the start of training sessions (i.e. college COMBINE testing).

INT Level offers athletes, who have acquired skills mentioned in the BEG Level, the following challenges:

1. Faster tempos and shorter times than in BEG Level, with additional random directional work.
A learning platform that allows the athletes to practice and realize the importance of landing on the ‘outer foot’ when moving away from a defensive athlete, or towards a ball or puck coming from an offensive athlete.
3. Introducing ‘Patterns of Play’ (POP™)with combinations of movements seen in real contests such as tennis, soccer, basketball or lacrosse; in other words multiple moves to new locations and execution of various shots.
4. Developing sports specific movements for doubles and/or team strategies during drills.
Learning to develop the timing for hitting, kicking, slapping or catching balls on the run.
6. Building aerobic conditioning for sport specific movements with repetition of movement.

ADV Level offers athletes, who have acquired skills mentioned in the INT Level, the following challenges:

1. Still faster tempos and shorter times with random directions to all parts of the playing area.
Extending lateral movements so as to cover more of the playing area.
3. Continuing to hone and extend the number of ‘Patterns of Play’ (POP™).
Perfect the timing and movement for hitting balls on the run with emphasis on recovery.
Smoothing out the movements so as to conserve energy and body wear & tear.
Analyzing videotape for improving the actual timing and execution of movements and strokes.
Building a sports specific conditioning program for athletes.