Ball Machine Timing Light

Ball Machine Timing Light - $0.00

Using the Timing Light portion of the Sports Split Step (SSC), we can extend the movement training by allowing players to hit real tennis balls with movements skills learned from SSC.

Timing Light

● The Timing Light for ball machines has incorporated the LED portion of the SSC into the operation so that the same preparation and timing learned with the SSC can be utilized with ball machines.
● This combination of the LED portion of the SSC and ball machine allows the player to extend his 'SSC learned movements' to the next level of complexity.
● The Playmate ball machine has been setup to emulate any of the GROUPS and DRILLS used by the SSC , thus making for a powerful family of teaching tools; see Users Manual for SSC.
● The Sports Attack ball machine has been setup to utilize the same Timing Light and provides some additional features for practicing the Return of Serve.

● This is a training device used for learning or improving the player's split-step and thus their movement on the court.
● The Timing Light works with many different ball machine, call for information concerning your particular machine.
● The sensor interface for each machine is slightly different, but most installations take from 15 to 30 minutes to install.
● Bright RED LEDs with a dark background are easily seen from the far end of the court at any time of day.
● The device provides the player with timing information relative to the next ball delivery.
● LEDs sequence down in a vertically direction to alert the player to begin loading their legs so that the player can start their hop when the last LED comes ON.
● A ball will emerge from the ball machine while the player is at the top of their hop.
● An output cable can be inserted into the Timing Light and connected to the Video Option for recording the players timing skills onto videotape.

Ball Machine Timing Light
Ball Machine Timing Light